Happy Father’s Day


Today, I would like to take a moment to thank my father, who, although we  have our differences, is among the smartest and best people I know. He always supports me and is proud of what I do, no matter what. Sometimes, I can’t believe how much knowledge of history and math he has, but I’m happy that he’s there for me and amazed that a man who didn’t know the square root of 144 at the age of 13 now holds a PhD in physics from Cornell University. We share an unfathomable fondness for sweet food and music ranging from classical to movie music to Two Steps From Hell. I love receiving his almost daily emails about college admissions tips and random facts and the occasional cute picture of an orangutan and I would just like to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.


Nothing like a fresh mini croque monsieur after a long day of watching three Star Wars episodes. 



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