The Riverside

In the thick, dark woods where the trees stretch out to touch the powder-dusted clouds
Cold, cerulean water comes rushing by
The comforting, rhythmic gurgling
Filling my ears
With warm promises of love and happiness
And hope to come.

Everything begins with a river
And that’s how everything ends.
Toiling labor swept away in the calm depths
And a baby swaddled in soft blankets.
A river gives life and a river gives death,
The natural course of change.

The brook burbles with a full stomach
Running on fast feet over smooth, round pebbles.
The water rushing by goes on with no end in sight
Slowly turning from the beautiful blue to a dusky, darkened gray.
There is no time to look pretty
When there are other things to do, other things to say.
No need to stop
No time to stop.
Why be late
When you can be early?

The faraway sun lights up
The transparent waters, like a lamp shining behind a sheet of paper.
The river illuminates
The golden light showering down
Upon the glimmering blue;
The light side of the dark river.

A clear path, marked by jagged rocks and sifted sand
Swaying grass and tiny tadpoles
Dancing to the music.
The river never stops to listen
Never stops to meet or greet a friend.

No, I’m much too busy with things to do
I’ve got to go.
I’m running, running, running
To find a road home.

Paved by the ones who run all day
Carved from the feet of rushing waves
Never stopping, always going
Looking for a road home.


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