28 diamonds

she knew how much she was worth
because she had a closet for jewels and
a collection of gold and a thousand
men to place flowers in her hair
which never had a strand out of place
or a single split end
but she didn’t know what she
wanted so she pretended and she was
good at it but she wasn’t happy
no matter how hard she tried

she met him at a cafe one afternoon
when the barista gave her
his drink and she thought
it too sugary but when she gave it back
he could taste no sugar because
she was the sweetest woman he had
ever seen.

he gave her 28 diamonds on their
first date because that was how much
she meant to him but she just thought
he was another rich man
and played her games and at the end
of the night he stood outside her door
with a single, red rose as the snow
fell around him and the next morning
she ate
28 diamonds for breakfast
and called the maid to clean up
the littered petals on the ground
outside her window


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