Indigo Skies

Ten things I love about November:

  1. The feel of a soft, warm scarf around my neck, shielding my skin from the harsh autumnal winds
  2. The smell of fresh air- almost like that of winter- when I take a walk at seven in the morning
  3. The strange chill (and immediate comfort that follows) when I take ten minutes out of my day to drink a large bowl of soup
  4. The indecisiveness I get when I’m forced to look at my closet and pick out an outfit that both matches the weather and my daily activities
  5. The taste of a perfect pumpkin pie and a glass of cold milk to wash it down
  6. The shorter days and longer nights
  7. The three blankets that are the only objects of my affection because they welcome me at night when I climb into bed
  8. The ridiculous fact that the sale of winter holiday merchandise have been in stores since Halloween (which in turn seems extremely long ago, instead of literally a week)
  9. The inexplicable nostalgia that comes with the almost snow season
  10. The release of Star Wars: Episode VII in a month and seven days, which I have been waiting for for so long

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