I am not who
You think I am.

I was a present
Delivered on the day
Of free drinks
At convenience stores.
I lost
My sanity
When my brother
Took up vacuuming
As a hobby.
I am made of popsicles and
Scrawny kittens, and
Dead lawns.
I once
And just once
Saw the world’s
Only two-headed
A boy,
Ran away from me
Every time he saw me
In kindergarten
But he wrote me
A love note
With words
He didn’t know how
To spell.

I have eaten a
Three-eyed fish
In Hong Kong
And witnessed
A budding romance;
Not mine.

My head is made of
Words and
Math equations
That I can
Never remember.
I have developed
A disliking for
And a desire for
Colored candy.
I once saw a
Deer try to eat
My garbage
And my best friend
Is a boy
I see
Once a week.

I live a life of
Music and
Making friends
But I don’t
Or can’t
Keep them.
I do keep
A pin in my pocket,
A red one,
To stab
And to wake
Myself up.

I don’t sleep
My iPod’s home
Button is broken.
I’ve had a teacher
Whose brother
Once ate
A goldfish
And a teacher
Who’s had gravel
Scraped out of
His side
With a knife.

I have dropped a
Jar of applesauce
Because I wanted
To step on an
Ant hill,
And everyone is
Surprised that
I own a
Teddy bear.
I slept through an
Earthquake one
And ate three
Buns the next
I was hungry.

I am a mixture
Of languages and
I say ‘sorry’ too
But by far
My biggest regret
Is that I have never
Eaten a pickle.


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