Blue Ribbons


I stand alone, fluttering in the ocean breeze
Waiting for you,
The lonely traveler of the seas.

I whisper with the quick-paced wind
The stories that you loved
Hoping that they will reach you,
Wherever you are.

With every hour, my ends become more frayed
Each thread slowly unraveling with time.
I am wishing an impossible dream
But a dream costs nothing
And it is nice to have them
When nothing else seems right in the world.

The salty spray sprinkles over my soft fabric
Leaving water like tears.
I have long forgotten how to distinguish them
For my heart is full
Of sorrow.

Let me embrace you, one last time.
Untie me, so that I may fly
With the wind carrying me
To you.

Say you’ll always love me
And let those who wait at home still for you never leave your mind.

Think of the ribbons
And think of me.


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