Portland in the Spring

After some thought, I decided to spend the day in downtown Portland. The weather could have been better, but after living here for so many years, I couldn’t really complain.



I don’t get to go out too much, so exploring this part of Portland was a great experience for me. For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to the artsy districts of big cities, and luckily, Portland has a lot of those (if you know where to look).



I stopped by Powell’s on Hawthorne, which had a lot of nice trinkets and toys.




As much fun as reading books are, most of my time was probably spent wandering around town, hoping I didn’t get lost, which I have a history of doing, even in my own neighborhood (shameful, I know).



Even though the past few days have been pretty nice (spring is almost here!), today turned out to be cloudy and chilly. But it turns out, you can enjoy Portland in any kind of weather, though personally, I prefer to see cities in sunlight. It sort of feels like they’re being illuminated, and no matter how much garbage lines the streets, I like to see the burning light behind the buildings. It’s sort of a beauty you can’t describe.


For some reason, this newspaper stand definitely made my day.


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