If Only (The Echo Chronicles)

The Echo Chronicles: Volume 1: Letter 3

Dear Person,

I only have memories- fragments, really, of the time we spent together. There is nothing real anymore, no way to bring you back, just so I can feel your arms around my arms when I’m feeling down, or hear your voice when I need it most.

It was so long ago, that I think there are only some things that I remember. Your spiced smell that I loved so much, and wide smile, and your inability to stop yourself from laughing. The way we knew each other so well, we could mimic each other’s expressions.

I hate it that I can’t face you anymore. I hate it that I can’t talk to you, or confess my thoughts and dreams. You always made me smile, even in the darkest of days, even when you weren’t trying to.

If only you weren’t gone. I would be happy once more. Maybe I would even smile, or talk to somebody. You were my greatest friend, and always will be. No amount of dirt between us will change that, no closed coffin.

I may not remember every part of your face, but I don’t need to. I only know the most important things. That you were my friend, and that I’ll never forget you.

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.” – Lord Alfred Tennyson


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