The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls is a charming, hilarious tale that is sure to become a family night movie in years to come.

In danger of a Boxtroll-hating town, Eggs, a boy who was adopted by the Boxtrolls long ago, attempts to reconnect both communities. In his journey, he discovers more about himself than he knew before, and more about people than he perhaps wanted to know.

Amongst the evil and ignorant lies Lord Portly-Rind, a cheese-obsessed father who doesn’t listen to or understand children. This leads to several unfortunate events, and the classic line: “I regret so much now…” And of course, there is Archibald Snatcher, the main villain, who is intent on killing every last Boxtroll in town, a feat driven by cheese and ambition.

Though comparable, it’s no Coraline, although there were, as usual, slightly disturbing and, for lack of better words, creepy scenes.  Another Laika achievement, The Boxtrolls will definitely be a movie to watch and look fondly back on in the future.


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