Don’t Close Your Eyes

Someday I’ll fall into the arms of sleep
And when I wake, I’ll see
The world is different from in my dreams
But it’ll always be there for me.

I sit in the car seat and listen to the radio
My friends singing along in the back.
But now no words come out of their mouths
And the song the radio plays is gone.
I see colors and words that swirl about me
I try to catch them but they dance out of my grasp.
Outside the car, the sky is dark
Illuminated by eerie lamp lights
I see white and red and orange and yellow-
I see a perfect day.
Then… nothing at all.

It’s too late to take back what happened
My heart, it aches for the days that it’s lost
My deep, dark slumber, a spell that has cost
And now, when I look upon the ruins and decay
There’s nothing more that I can say.

Don’t close your eyes. You’ll miss something. And then everything- gone in a flash.


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