Music To My Ears

I started playing violin when I was four. Throughout the years, I’ve gotten better, and I’ve also learned a lot. But if there’s one thing that I’ve realized from my experience (and seasons of being placed in the back of orchestras), it’s that your seating doesn’t matter. Sure, you might get noticed more if you’re concertmaster or principal, but it’s not all about how your music sounds. It’s about how you play it and why.

If somebody forces you to play the instrument you play, then you don’t feel as if the sound that you produce is yours. You may play well, but you won’t play with the same sentiment as someone who plays music because they want to. Music is conceived as an emotional art. Like writing or painting, you can convey your feelings through the way you play- with happiness or with anger, with abruptness or with charm.

You can’t play well until you really feel the music, and you can’t feel the music until you enjoy to play. A beautiful sound factors into playing well, but also the emotions that you convey into the music. The composer provides the dynamics and tempo, but you have to provide your heart and soul.


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