A World Without Books

What is a world without books in it? It is a world without imagination, a world without escape, a world without inspiration. Literature provides the ability to find someone who you can finally relate to. Someone so perfect that they cannot possibly exist in real life- and most of the time, they do not. Books allow us to dream, to wonder if happy endings do exist, to provide us with a character to universally love or hate, and to give us a lifelong friend that can barely leave our minds for a moment. Books are a blessing, with those simple, eloquent words flowing over us in a way that only pure liquid could. They can strike that special spot in your soul, and tear apart every last bit of sanity you have left. Only then are you left with the cold beauty of the words you have just read.

Then, there is the particular satisfaction in unveiling the true meaning of an author’s hidden message, much like finding buried treasure in your own backyard. It has always been there, but you have only recently discovered it. So what is a world without books in it? I do not know; I have not experienced it, and I hope I never will.


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